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September 20, 2013 / anthonykzullo

Writing Stories Hurts Your Heart

Fiction writing is a heart-wrenching process. Often, first time attempts at books don’t end up anywhere except for computer storage.

I remember when I first started trying to write them; it was hard every time I couldn’t finish. I would always get to a point in my story where I would lose interest in the characters, or I would write myself into such a humdrum of a plot that I wasn’t able to write myself out of it. These false-starts can hurt your self-esteem. They certainly did mine. It’s tough going. And then, when you finally finish a complete story, you show it to someone, and they don’t absolutely love it… It’s like a knife to the gut.

As writers, we use our minds to craft art from words; as storytellers, we pour our hearts and souls on the pages; and as novelists, we put our precious time into our creations. We put so much of ourselves on these pages and want people to love it, and when they don’t, it’s tough.

But that’s when you have to realize one thing. We are also artists, and it is almost without a doubt that artists struggle to create art. That struggle transforms your art into a magnificent piece of work with wings, but not every artist succeeds. In a worldly sense, anyway. But the artist lives for the art. Not the other way around. And in the face of possible rejection and possible dislike, we push on because it’s our passion.

We are writers, storytellers, novelists, and artists, and because of all those things, we are given a gift that others don’t have. We experience emotion in ways others can’t. We’re the first to enter worlds that no one has been to; we give birth to characters with a life of their own. And we’re a special group of people because of that.

So yes, sometimes novel writing hurts.

But in the end, there is a joy and satisfaction of overcoming those obstacles, and finally, knowing we are creators and masters of our own universe.


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