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June 12, 2014 / anthonykzullo

When Life Gets in the Way of Writing

It is the nature of life to become distracted. We often times fight against it, squeezing productivity out of our pores and struggling to be more efficient, but in the end, there’s always something that comes up, whether that be a return to college, an unexpected layoff, or a death in the family. Something will always throw your life in a whirl, and that’s what’s happened to me in writing and why I’ve been away for so long. Thankfully, for me, it wasn’t so drastic.

Just recently, I started a new job as a Web Developer, which is awesome because I love web development, and let’s face it. As much as I want to make money as a successful indie author, it’s not something I should put all my eggs in a basket for. I’ve done that with other endeavors in the past, and it’s scary and risky. I’ve also started school again, returning to get my second degree in Computer Science. I figure, if my dreams of authordom don’t come true, I can always build robots.

As happy as I am, I haven’t had the time to really write or edit in a long time, much less blog and build my author platform, but a lot of that is going to change in the summer. School is out, and I’m ready to start working on my amazing marketing plan. There’s still a little more editing to do in my current novel, The Guardian’s Charge, but it shouldn’t be much longer until my first novel gets published.

It’s been a long time coming, two years since I’ve started writing TGC; sixteen years since I wanted to publish a book.

Now here I am in the middle of the digital age where ebooks are popping up like wildfire, wanting to make a name for myself. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth achieving ever is. All I know is I’m back and I’ve come back with a vengeance. So to all of my blog readers, which there are currently very few of right now, be ready!

Because The Guardian’s Charge is about to take the world by storm! 


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