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About Anthony Zullo

Ever since I was a little four year old kid, I would be thinking up crazy stories in my head.  When I realized at eight years old that I could start writing these stories, I got excited.  I ended up attempting to write a novel back then.  Inspired by the Animorphs series I grew up with, I wanted to create something about kids.  Time Travelers was my first attempt at a novel, and boy was that fun.  Of course, I was eight so my writing style was far from developed then, and when I went back a few years later, I laughed at myself.  It took me years to develop a strong voice and proper writing skills.  When I turned twelve, I ended up growing this obsession with writing a novel of my own.

After reading The Outsiders by S. E. Hilton and learning that she wrote the novel at the age of fifteen, my obsession grew.  It took a lot of years of false starts to discover how to finally reach the end of a manuscript.  I probably attempted four to ten different novels but never gave up hope.  I believed in myself and knew that I was getting farther each attempt.  It wasn’t until a little after my dad died did I finish my first manuscript My First Love.  Writing during that time was a way for me to escape my problems and live in a world where life could be anything.

I finished my second novel attempt Strength of a Hero a few months afterwards.  After seven years, it seemed like I had finally mastered the ability of getting from the beginning to the end.  After that, I edited My First Love and sent a query letter to an agent.  Sadly, the agent wasn’t willing to represent me back then.

A little while later, my life started to change.  I got involved with different friends, made different hobbies, and explored myself more.  For the next eight years, I would start a massage practice, get into the wrong crowd, experiment with drugs, discover my sexuality, work in the real world, graduate from business school, start a website, and all sorts of other different things in between.  It wasn’t until last year that I rediscovered my passion for writing and storytelling.  Since then, I’ve dived back into the world of novel writing and created the world of the Bloodborn.

Currently, I’m editing the second draft of Bloodborn Book 1:  The Guardian and hope to indie publish it come September with the help of a kickstarter campaign.  This is my journey into the indie world of publishing.  My lessons learned and my advice.  Follow along if you dare and join me because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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